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Retail distribution is one of the most demanding of all Supply Chains with a key focus on all ‘the last 50 meters of the journey’ to the retail shelf.

Schoeller Allibert has worked with the leading retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons & Asda, to revolutionise their Supply Chain networks and lower vital costs. If you walk in any supermarket today, you will see Schoeller Allibert Maxinest® plastic containers throughout the fruit and vegetable section and products throughout the store.

Retail distribution has complex needs varying according to the type of product; groceries, clothing, electronic goods, food, textile garments, high value goods or mail processing. We offer Attached Lid Containers and Maxinest® containers that have all stood the test of time in Retail Supply Chains. Buy the orgininal Attached Lid Container and Maxinest® preferred by retailers today.

If you would like to explore more of the Schoeller Allibert Retail range, then you can view our dedicated Retail E-Catalogue on the link here.