BFP Bread & Confectionery Ventilated Tray - 22 Litre

BFP Bread & Confectionery Ventilated Tray - 22 Litre

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Product Description

Below Full Pallet Range Product - Minimum Order Quantity Only 5 Units! 

Please note, the Full Pallet Quantity (66 Units) of this Below Full Pallet Bread & Confectionery Ventilated Tray - 22 Litre (9743001000) can be found here, for those that want to benefit from a full pallet rate. 

The Schoeller Allibert 22 Litre Bread & Confectionery Ventilated Tray/Basket is now available as part of our Below Full Pallet range! This product is the essential reusable plastic container for a business that relies on quality equipment in their supply chain. 

Made from Food Grade Polypropylene, our Bread & Confectionery Ventilated Tray/Basket was originally manufactured to deliver bread from bakeries and industrial bakery plants to shops, supermarkets and cafes. 

As bakery production has grown and diversified, our 22 Litre Bread & Confectionery Ventilated Tray/Basket has become a leading choice in food distribution - not only for fresh bread but also cakes, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits, pastries, pies and pretty much anything made of sugar, milk, butter and eggs! 

With a ventilated base and sides, our Bread and Confectionery Tray/Basket provides increased airflow to your freshly baked goods, helping to speed up cooling and distribution times, to get your bakery products from the oven, to the shelf - faster. 

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Suitable for direct food contact. 

External Dimensions: 762 x 457 x 92mm

Product Weight: Only 1.4Kg

Product Colour: White

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Technical Specifications

Length (mm)
Width (mm)
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Internal Length (mm)
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Weight & Volume
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5 Units Per Package